Seriake Dickson, Gorvenor of Beyelsa state has insisted that his government will deal with any herdsmen carrying arms in Beyelsa state.
Dickson stated this while fielding questions from Vanguard.
According to Dickson, his government has set up measures to prevent herdsmen invading and destroying crops belonging to local farmers in the state.
He said: “We have been taking a lot of measures to prevent clashes from occurring. Let me say we condemn the attitude of herdsmen who come into this state and carry their cattle to people’s farms and destroy them and attack farmers and villagers. But part of what we have been doing quietly is to work with the security officials and the leaders of some of these elements and a lot of progress is being made.”
Dickson also encouraged the people of Bayelsa not to take the laws into their hands and promised not allow herdsmen intimidate them under his watch.
He added that “I am aware of those instances, and I want to say that people should not take the law into their hands. We will not allow herdsmen to intimidate Bayelsa people. That will not happen under my watch; you can be sure of that.
“And any herdsman who is armed with any dangerous weapon will be promptly dealt with according to the law. We have decided that we will open up ranches where people will be engaged in animal husbandry.”
Going further, the governor added that a temporary place has been provided for cattle to graze in the state. According to him, the Bayelsa Palm will be a temporary place for cattle in the state.
“But in the interim we have directed that no cattle should be seen roaming around Yenagoa again, it is a very dangerous trend. We have given them a temporary place, i.e., the Bayelsa Palm.”
Meanwhile, in order to boost governance, the governor Seriake Dickson, has reportedly appointed 29 special advisers into his cabinet.